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Are You Ready To Flourish?

Are You Ready To Flourish?

By Dr. Aisling Lanigan, ND

The health experts at Flourish curated Flourishing Foundations after recognizing that there are several key elements that every one of their patients needed to establish before they could reach their peak level of health.

In this program, five leading health professionals come together to bring you the ultimate program to accelerate your health and your life.

Have you ever felt

needing a rebootOverwhelmed by which ‘diet’ is best for you?

Your energy levels or sleep are “meh” (or worse!)?

You’re worried about the impact of daily chemicals on your health?

Your doctor tells you everything is ‘normal’ but you don’t feel that way.


Flourishing Foundations is a 4 step, one-month/flexible timeline program offered virtually, for those who want to learn how to most effectively eat, sleep and live to optimize health.

Learn how to EAT for your body

  • Learn which foods work best for your body and what schedule of eating is for you
  • Your personalized nutrition plan will lay the groundwork for achieving your health goals such as lowering inflammation, reducing disease risk or even improving your fertility

Increase your ENERGY

  • Start hacking your sleep to properly recharge your batteries
  • Understand the impact of certain nutrients and hormones on your energy level and bust that “meh” way you have been feeling for way too long


  • Understand which household chemicals are messing with your hormones, causing your allergies, increasing your cancer risk and reducing your fertility
  • Get them out of your food, cosmetics, cleaning products and your life

Week 1: Fueling to Flourish with Dr. Aisling Lanigan, N.D. and Nutritionist Lauren Naderi


  • Learn how to eat what your body needs
  • Understand the optimal foods to fuel you and those which are creating inflammation and holding you back
  • Create a customized nutritional plan which is not a diet, but instead a new lifestyle
  • Naturopath Aisling Lanigan will help you determine the foods that work best for you and what style of eating is most suited to your needs and health goals
  • Nutritionist Lauren Naderi will make it easy for you with shopping lists, recipes and meal plans
  • Virtual cooking class will be provided in which Lauren will teach you her favourite recipes to Flourish

Week 2: Endless Energy with Dr. Melissa Descoteaux, N.D.


  • Melissa Descoteaux shares the secrets to optimizing your energy
  • Learn how to hack your sleep so you can recharge and wake up refreshed
  • Understand your individual hydration needs and how to take your water to the next level
  • Access our daily checklist to start implementing the Flourish Method to Endless Energy

Week 3: Healthy Home Detox with Dr. Katie Black, N.D.


  • Katie Black will guide you through a top to bottom home detox and teach you the foundations of clean living
  • You will get The Flourishing Home Checklist outlining the worst health-offending chemicals to avoid
  • Access our list of toxin-free favourite products and easy DIY solutions to limit chemical exposure

Week 4: Flourishing Forever with Dr. Aisling Lanigan and Acupuncturist & Yogi Queenly Lee


  • Queenly Lee will guide you towards achieving a mindset of abundance through mediation and acupressure
  • Aisling will break down your next steps to continue on the journey of Flourishing Your Health
  • Learn the 5 yoga postures you need to add to your daily routine to bring calm, focus and energize your body and mind
  • Learn how to DIY a daily acupressure treatment to find your zen and focus your energy
  • Get Aisling’s checklist for the most essential blood work (with optimal versus normal ranges) to Flourish Your Health

Flourish your health

Sign up here for our free webinar to determine if this is the right program for you!

Thurs, Feb 17th at 7:30p EST